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With the desire to give users the experience of enjoying pure coffee with the right taste. Message coffee has chosen the premium coffee beans, grown on the Dak Lak and Lam Dong plateaus. With the know-how of roasting of experienced artisans, we are proud to send you an excellent quality coffee product. The harmonious combination between Robusta and Arabica makes a coffee with a sweet scent, special flavor ...
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Arabica coffee is also called tea coffee in Vietnamese. Arabica coffee is a type of coffee discovered before robusta, has a longer history of robusta. Arabica has a very specific aroma, the taste of coffee is faint. This coffee variety has lower caffeine content than robusta. Arabica tastes sour and does not give the feeling of robusta. On the world coffee market, arabica coffee always sells better than robusta; with higher spreads often doubling.
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Coffee beans are unroasted coffee, fresh fruit coffee (coffee cherries) is harvested from the garden, after drying in the sun or drying and grinding the shell will give us green coffee. Coffee in English is green coffee while in English it is called raw coffee. In Vietnamese, this coffee is also called green coffee or raw coffee. It has two main types: green coffee arabica and robusta coffee beans with different sieves and sizes.
Although the industry still has many structural challenges, Vietnamese coffee is still expanding despite a slow growth. Currently, Vietnamese coffee is undergoing positive changes in order to strengthen Vietnam's position as the world's largest robusta coffee exporter in the next few years. Coffee replanting programs along with the goal of promoting the processing industry and improving the quality of exported coffee products will help increase coffee export turnover in the medium term.

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The current time anywhere you will easily find cafes, regardless of the street alley. The coffee shops grow more and more but let the customers know very little. In addition, many franchised coffee brands are also mushroomed with a large network, thriving and a loyal customer base, helping brand chains to bring more profits. Don't pay a hefty price to gain experience, while you can cooperate with the unit that has set up more than 60 points to sell throughout Saigon. We have flexible plans - from 10m2 carts to shops larger than 100m2.

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